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Why hanging drywall under your staircase is imperative.

Yesterday I was at a #homeinspection in #lynwood and it was a new build home. This home had 1/2" drywall under the staircase, and I was thrilled to see this. Drywall offers fire resistance, which offers 30 minutes of "fire resistance" before failure.

Basement fires are very sketchy. Depending on the basement set up, firefighters may only have 1 way in, and one way out for emergency egress. Now add the possibility of a fire causing the stairway to collapse can make an emergency situation even worse, and with 2 gas emitting appliances being in most basements, this increases the likelihood of a basement fire.

Depending on your local building codes it may require it, but if not if you are building a new home, I'd highly recommend getting this done.

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