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GOT TERMITES? This is what their damage looks like, and the havoc they wreak if left untreated

Yesterday one of the homes we inspected was your basic flip house. What I mean by that is they took a really bad house, put nice marble countertops in, new appliances, new paint on the walls, and slapped a for sale sign in front of it. Unfortunately, they didn't do much of anything else. This house had ALOT going on with it-but one of the issues was termites, or Wood Destroying Organisms as we call it.

Termites eat wood in the home- They are very rarely visible, aside from their mud tubes that they leave behind. And the issue with these little guys is their damage usually goes unnoticed for quite a long time, like noted in this home.

These little guys chewed through one of the worst beams possible, which is the homes load bearing support. This beam supports the entire middle portion of the home. They also damaged the sill plate, and other wood components in the home.

Unfortunately, the repairs that were completed in this home weren't up to par. Someone tried to "sister" the main beam and put 3 undersized bolts on a small ledger board on the foundation wall to support the home.

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