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Why inspectors cannot rush the job.

As an inspector and an investor/landlord I see a lot of stuff in homes. Most of the stuff I come across are not big deals. I repeat MOST OF THE FINDINGS THAT INSPECTORS COME ACROSS ARE NOT BIG DEALS. Lets face it… I’ve never seen someone walk away from a house because of a ripped screen, or bad caulk job…. But yet, we are forced to call it out. But while at a job yesterday, we came across a legit finding. This is why it’s imperative for inspectors to take their time, and to be thorough.

This house was 3 years old. Everyone thought the inspection was going to be a slam dunk because the house is basically brand new. While most of the findings were pretty petty, a cold-water line was found to be leaking in the basement. It was a vertical run line which runs from the basement to the 2nd floor bathroom. If we were not taking our time, we could have easily overlooked it. The only thing that was visible was a small water stain on the subflooring.

While the actual repair isn’t much of a big deal, finding the issue is another… it’ll require the plumber to play a bad version of Where’s Waldo with the copper line running through the wall. A few holes, and a newly soldered line later, the home will be good as new again...

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