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This is why sewer line inspections are needed.

A day after I completed my last blog post I completed a sewer scope for the daughter of a close friend of mine. Initially the client did not want to complete a sewer inspection. After telling her more about it, and allowing her to ponder it for a few days, she decided to go with it.

MAN AM I GLAD SHE DECIDED TO…. During the inspection, this 2 flat had no signs of bad drainage, water drained like a dream. But once we inspected the sewer scope, we found issues. The home was 100+ years old and had 8-inch clay drain lines from the home to the street. Midway through the inspection, we found a collapsed main. Now for anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it’s a big deal. This means that the entire drain line collapsed, and will most likely have to be dug up, and replaced. These lines are 15 Feet + underground, and can be under concrete, driveways, walkways, etc..

Luckily, we discovered it, and this allowed the client to negotiate repairs. This is why sewer line camera inspections are recommended on EVERY SINGLE INSPECTION. We cannot inspect, what we cannot see!

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